How to install font?

1) Download the font AnjaliOldLipi to Desktop.

2) Open the Font folder. (Start > Control Panel > Appearances and Themes > Fonts).

3) Copy the font file and paste into the Fonts folder.

How to configure Browser

(ALT + F + Settings) or (Tools + Internet Options)
STEP 2- Click on “Languages” Button.
 ie_step_1  ie_step_2
It will open a Language Preference Popup.- Click on the “Add” button.- It will open a “Add Language” Popup. Choose “Malayalam[m]”.- Clik on “OK” button.
STEP 4- Click “OK” on “Language Preference” Popup.
 ie_step_3  ie_step_4
STEP 5- Click on “Fonts” button from Internet Options Popup. STEP 6- It will open a Fonts Popup.- Choose “Malayalam” from “Language Script” dropdown list.
 ie_step_5  ie_step_6
STEP 7- Select “AnjaliOldLipi” from “Webpage font” List.- Click on “OK”.
STEP 1- Click on “customize and control Google Chrome” button(ALT + F + Settings) or (Click on top right corner button) STEP 2- Click on “Show advanced settings ….” link.
chrome_step_1 chrome_step_2
STEP 3- Click on “Language and Input settings…” button,It will open a Language popup. STEP 4- Click on Add button,It will opoen a popup with list of languages.
chrome_step_3 chrome_step_4
STEP 5- Select “Malayalam” from list and click “Ok” STEP 6- Click on “Done” button in Langauge Popup.
chrome_step_5 chrome_step_6
STEP 7- Click on Web Content >> “Customize Fonts…” button. STEP 8-
– Choose “Serif font” as AnjaliOldLipi
– Choose “Sans-serif font” as AnjaliOldLipi
– Choose “Encoding” as Unicode(UTF-8)
chrome_step_7 chrome_step_8
STEP 1 – Press ALT + T + Options. OR Click “Firefox” button on the top left corner of your Firefox Browser and click on “Options” sub menu.
STEP 2- Click “Advanced…” button on “Fonts & Colors” Section. STEP 3- Choose “Malayalam” from “Fonts For” dropdown list.
 firefox_step_2  firefox_step_3
STEP 4— Select “Proportional” as “Sans Serif”.– Select “Serif” as “AnjaliOldLipi”.– Select “Sans-serif” as “AnjaliOldLipi”.– Choose “Default Character Encoding” as “Unicode (UTF-8).

— Press “OK” Button.