How to install font?
1) Download the font AnjaliOldLipi to Desktop.

2) Open the Font folder. (Start > Control Panel > Appearances and Themes > Fonts).

3) Copy the font file and paste into the Fonts folder.

How to configure Browser
1. Internet Explorer

  • Select in browser menu: Tools > Internet Options > Languages… > Add… button.
  • Select the language “Malayalam[ml]” from drop-down list. Click “OK”.
  • Click on the “Fonts…” button [near to “Languages…” button]. Select the “Language Script:” as Malayalam.Click “OK”.

2. Firefox

  • Select in browser menu: Tools > Options > Content[tap]
  • Click ‘Advanced’ button in ‘Fonts & Colors’ section
  • Select Malayalam from the ‘Fonts for’ list.
  • Select ‘Proportional’ as sans-serif
  • Select ‘Serif’ as AnjaliOldLipi , ‘Sans-serif’ as Times New Roman
  • Select ‘Default Character Encoding’ from ‘Character Encoding’ as Unicode(utf-8)
  • Click OK to apply the selections.

3.Google Chrome

  • Click “customize and control Google Chrome”
  • select Options
  • select “minor tweaks” [tab]
  • “fonts and languages” section
  • click “Change font and language settings”
  • select “languages” [tab]
  • Click “Add” button
  • select Malayalam
  • Select “Fonts and Encoding” [tab]
  • change “serif font” to AnjalioldLipi
  • change “sans-serif font” to AnjalioldLipi
  • Select “Encoding” as “Unicode(UTF-8)”
  • Press OK
  • Press close

Note: Use IE 7+ or Firefox 3+ for better performance.